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Dommesandsubs.com Database Merge

Hey all,

Just a heads up that I will be doing a database merge on Dommesandsubs.com tomorrow at around 10AM until roughly Noon or so Pacific.  I don't anticipate it being much of a big deal, but for those who are worried about the possibility of data loss or the chance that some of their profile content, blogs, or anything else may disappear to the neverlands, I am posting this to give you ample time to go in and cut/paste/save/copy any data you like. 

If you have questions about the merge, feel free to drop a line to me on vilified at thevilifiedone dot com or catch me late tonight on YIM/MSN (the_vilified_one at yahoo dot com). 


Oh... and a belated "Thanks" to all who shared their sentiments and concern after my lil'  "Hate Blog"  ... I'm usually pretty damn chill but every now and again code makes me crazy and I have to vent and bash a keyboard or two to maintain my sanity... (and the retardedly strong chronic doesn't hurt either...) anyway... if I didn't mention it personally or say thanks for giving a damn, please be aware that the fact folks give a fuck has grip more impact than most likely realize... :)